28 March, 2011

Just for you :)

"Tak pernah berubah perasaan aku dekat kau sejak 8 bulan dan 2 hari lalu" 

I already love you 
Too late for me go away from you 
Too wonderful feeling it 
Not easy for me go away from you
Why did you go 
At the moment I started loving you 
Hope you be my lover  
In fact, you go away from my life 

When you are writing me
It is best for you 
I turn to my memories of you are right
The most beautiful in my life
But never easy for me
Leave a trail of my life
That was graven eternally
For the most beautiful memories

Words from you telling me to think about. over and over again  ... was this deep love is a sin ? i'm not too sure myself... they said i should leave it to be .. no / yes ? sory, i'm in pain rite now NOBITA .